Sword Academy Activities


With the advent of firearms the relevance of Western Martial Arts began to fade and eventually the knowledge was lost, leaving behind only sports such as fencing and boxing. Because of this, research is necessary to rediscover the many fighting styles of Medieval and Renaissance Europe. The sources we study are period manuals, of which, Sword Academy has an extensive library. Also important to our understanding of WMA is the ability to view and handle the weapons and armor of the period. We are fortunate to have access to one of the largest collections of swords in Canada at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary.

We are not primarily a research group - though some research is needed, and nowadays there are numerous sources, and quite a few have been published.


Sword Academy puts on many demonstrations every year and we are always looking for opportunities to expose myths about and improve the general public's understanding of WMA. We have worked with movie theaters to present our message to the viewers of Lord of the Rings and other movies involving WMA. We were also involved with the Museum of the Regiments' Soldiers of Two Millennia and the Calgary Highland Games. We have given demonstrations to Boy Scouts, to students at school, in Prince's Island Park during the summer, at our own open houses and even at a medieval feast.  


As a club of active people with shared interests we occasionally like to do fun events. Sword Academy arranges student activities such as archery, javelin and hatchet throwing, flintknapping and other seminars, behind the scenes visits to the museums and social nights.

We use metal (mostly steel but occasionaly also aluminum) practice weapons, including replicas of most Medieval European weapons. Our Renaissance training requires safe rapiers, daggers and various bucklers. To complement these approximate tools, we have steel replicas, both blunt and sharp. Pictures of some of this equipment can be seen above.

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